Anmiro Oy (Finland)

Anmiro Oy brings to the partnership understanding of the needs and ambitions of senior citizens. Anmiro Oy  has been established by Dr Jukka Kallio who has been retired for five years (from his previous job). Jukka and his associates are experts on entrepreneurship training design and organization providing research evidence of motives and attitudes of nascent entrepreneurs, providing research evidence of factors impacting on business survival of new micro businesses. Most notably, Anmiro Oy can provide experiences and research findings on starting businesses at the age of  50+ and 60+. At the moment, Anmiro Oy is a partner in two other projects where unemployed people over 55 years age are the target group, and in those projects the main objective is to promote active learning, self-confidence and entrepreneurship for senior. The projects are funded by Nordplus Adult programme (please visit &

Tel: +358403582503
Address: Kiveläntie 111, 34300 Kuru, Finland
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