KEEP50+ Mācību priekšlikums

KEEP50+ Training Programme Proposal

Senior entrepreneurship- option for prolonged career

Webnode: The easiest way to create the perfect business website

50plus Entrepreneurship Platform

NOEMA Winning Women

Digital paths for Over 50+ entrepreneurs

Social responsibility initiative for people 50+ “CONNECT, LATVIA!”

5 main reasons why people over 50 won‘t start their own business

BarCamp78 Senior Entrepreneurship

Safe training programme for 50+ age people

Improving professional seniors

Senior Business Advising Volunteer

School of Citizenship

mYmO – Memory in Motion between Young and Old

LIFE 2.0: Geographical positioning services to support independent living and social interaction of elderly people

Fostering the entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship over 50+: Some thoughts, some inspirational stories…

Coaching Management Centers

Can senior entrepreneurs exploit its principles when designing or elaborating their business idea?


Entrepreneurship Project ideas

Cooperative training for senior entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship education for adults: a case-study

What could be the potential business fields for people 50+?

Research on promoting entrepreneurship in Lithuania. Good practices

Career Management Skills for People 50+


The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method for effective workshops involving senior workers

Possibility of Joining of Launching a Startup for People 50+

Cultural Elderly Volunteers Programme of Sciences Park

After Retirement Business Ideas

Sociolaboral Virtual Agency of Networks for over 55 years of age

Generate New Ideas

Competences for entrepreneurs 50+ in Austria

Training needs analysis

50+: Needs and opportunities willing to remain attractive in the labor market

Vasil Vutov CEO of BCC Engineering: Story of successful 50+ entrepreneur

The Collaborative Ecosystem of Karditsa

Senior entrepreneurs trying to rebound after failure

Senior managers as key-people for innovation

Senior entrepreneurs in the Social Solidarity Economy

Training needs of people 50+ in Czech Republic

Training needs for the Greek unemployed people 50+

A proposal to support over-aged entrepreneurs, made by over-aged workers

The advantages of starting a business after 50 years of age

Example of Medardas Cobotas University of the Third Age in Lithuania

Entrepreneur 50+. Latvian experience: Practical example of newly created company

Emotional Reaction To Change in practice

Project E.U.-Country Artisans – Promoting craft entrepreneurship in Latvia

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