Final project KEEP 50+ BarCamp seminar and partner meeting


The fourth and the final BarCamp seminar as well as the project partner meeting was organised by Greece Development Agency AN.KA in Karditsa from 19th to 20th April, 2018.

Project partners from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, France, Spain and Greece prepared and shared news and topical practice examples for people 50+. Following latest developments in this area, the following topics were discussed:

  • the importance and need of IT knowledge;
  • events, seminars and workshops organized,
  • available informational platforms,
  • inspirational examples and success stories
  • reasons why people do not start their business after 50 (based on the date of the researches), etc.

Exchange of good practices on entrepreneurships education for 50+ among participant countries and experts was hold through BarCamp workshops. Project’s KEEP 50+ home page now contains more than 50 good practice examples from various EU counties.

Besides the BarCamp presentations, project partners had a possibility to get to know different initiatives of Thessaly region – Cooperative bank of Karditsa, women centre of Karditsa, cultural, sports and socio-economic activities carried out by Municipality of Karditsa and visit social entrepreneurs of the region.

The project will end in September 2018, until then, project partners will continue to gather the best entrepreneurship examples as employment alternatives for people after 50, to expand and strengthen the organisational network and disseminate project results to raise this question nationally and internationally.

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