Project kick-off meeting and first Barcamp workshop

We have successfully implemented first informal conference for project “Keep 50+”. As planned we have explored foreign experience, the most effective methods, the most suitable solutions and acknowledged the description of current situation of engagement of people who are over 50 years old into entrepreneurship.

“Keep 50+” is an experience exchange project on adult education, implemented within Erasmus+ program. Project aims to establish and strengthen thematic network in order to share the experience on topics of Entrepreneurship training for people over 50 years old.

Kepp50+ is being implemented until September 2018. The project consortium consists of 10 partners from 10 different countries. Organizations representing these countries are specialized in adult education, business consulting and support, implementing new and innovative education methods, etc. activities.

On the last week of February, Biedriba Eurofortis held the first project meeting. Considering that the project is based on sharing knowledge, “BarCamp” (also known as “non-conference”) method has been chosen as the most appropriate format for its implementation. “BarCamp” is an intense event consisting of presentations held by participants themselves. It helps to stimulate exchange of thoughts and ideas, open discussions and active organization and participation in the event from all participants. During the past BarCamp session 14 presentations were held, based on the thematic priority of the engagement of people 50+ into entrepreneurship.

Currently a web page for the project is being developed. In the future on this web page all good practice examples from next BarCamp conferences will be gathered and published. Thereby the information will be available for other organisations, which also operates in the field of adult education. Furthermore, by collecting the good practice examples, project will also develop a specific methodology proposal for Entrepreneurship training for people 50+ who want to become entrepreneurs and start up their own business.

The next BarCamp informal conference will be held on August 3rd, 2017 in Riga.

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