Project’s Keep50+ informal conference in Riga has concluded

Project’s Keep50+ informal conference “Training environment in entrepreneurship 50+” took place in Riga Technical University Scientific Library on August 3rd, 2017. Conference participants came from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Bulgaria and Greece.

In the first part of the informal conference, Project Director Marija Plotniece from LatConsul shared results from research “50+ generation nowadays: situation analysis and the needs of entrepreneurs”. Data from the project SAFE (Seeking Actively for Employment) were presented. This presentation included employment rates for people who are 55-64 years old, statistical data about people in the target group who are in Latvia. During the research of the project, main barriers for self-employment after the age of 50 were determined. They are – lack of self-confidence, lack of financial resources, lack of skills and competences. The most necessary skills and competences to start one’s own business after 50+ were determined as well. And they are – ICT skills (IT security, image and video processing, blog and webpage design, online transactions), self-confidence (management, teamwork, communication, problem solving, learning new skills) and entrepreneurship skills (funding, business planning, business development, marketing).

Social Anthropologist Anna Žabicka shared several theories on ageing. For example, Disengagement theory states, that elderly people systematically disengage from previous social roles due to the inevitability of death. However, critics of this theory state, that there are “Late-life engagers”, who keep their social roles and stay active. Activity theory is based on the presumption that, life satisfaction in old age depends on active maintenance of relationships, thus older adults are happiest when they stay active and maintain social interactions. Critics of this theory state that, maintaining or taking up new social activities is not always feasible: these activities need investment of time, money and physical, psychological and social abilities. The continuity theory of normal ageing states that older adults will usually maintain the same activities, behaviours, personality traits, and relationships as they did in their earlier years of life. The theory is criticized for not considering the influence of social institutions on the ageing of individuals.

In the second part of the informal conference BarCamp sessions took place. Each BarCamp session took place for 10-15 minutes, in several auditoriums at once. During these BarCamp sessions results from partner country workshops about the 50+ entrepreneur study needs were presented, participants were introduced with the principle of Third Age University, and various successful entrepreneur 50+ examples were presented.


In the conclusion of the conference, participants from Latvia were invited to participate in a discussion to identify the 50+ entrepreneur study needs. Participants of the discussion concluded that the most important for entrepreneurs, who start their business 50+ would be the following, they should cooperate with youth to in order to develop their business. They should cooperate with people from other fields of business in order involve their family.

Thank you to everyone for a valuable event! Next BarCamp conference will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania from 20th-21st of November, 2017. Meanwhile all of the Good practices presented at the conference have been uploaded on the LIBRARY section.


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